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Anatomy of the human nervous system

Writing Portfolio

Here is a sample of past work for a variety of publications and institutions in the health, science and environmental categories.


Chicago Tribune

Parent of a NICU baby during the COVID pandemic

For parents of premies, Coronavirus has only heightened their anxiety 

As the number of COVID-19 cases in the Chicago area increases, hospitals have been forced to make tough decisions about how to keep their tiniest patients safe as they grow and develop enough to journey home.

The Washington Post

The next money crop for farmers: solar panels

Across the flatlands of Illinois, a new crop is rising among the traditional waves of grain as farmers increasingly apply to host acres of solar panels on their property. The move encouraged by a state law requiring that renewable resources provide 25 percent of Illinois power by 2025.

Soloar panel photo for The Washington Post story

Chicago Tribune

Papers destroyed by storm as shown in Chicago Tribune story on flooding

Intense storms fueled by climate change raise flooding risks 

Evanston, Chicago and other suburbs have taken steps in recent years to upgrade sewer systems in an effort to reduce flooding. But those same towns are now examining how heavier and more frequent storms caused by climate change could result in more water and runoff seeping into homes.

Washington Post

Outside Chicago, historic Old Joliet Prison is open for tours 

The prison outside Chicago is not the Alcatraz of the Midwest. It hasn’t been spruced up with exhibits and an audio tour. There is no heat or jail-cell restoration. Instead it is a tourist experience in “ruin porn” — the trendy photography genre that showcases abandoned and decaying buildings. And the Joliet Area Historical Museum hopes visitors will pay $20 each to walk through and listen to tales from local historians and former prison guards.

Sign on pavement for Chicago Tribune story on Old Joliet Prison
Smoking cigarette on California Health Report story

California Health Report

Various stories

Author page for my stories at California Health Report, which is a publication that seeks to report on issues impacting communities that are disproportionately affected by inequality.

Content Writing


Swimmer relearns her sport after losing both legs

It was early 2020, and COVID-19 pandemic restrictions had closed indoor lap pools. So the one-time Olympic hopeful, then 22, convinced her neighbor to fill and heat the kidney-bean-shaped pool in his backyard. There, she tethered herself to a pole and began swimming in place as the snow fell. She was training for the Tokyo Paralympic Games.

Morgan Stickney, swimmer who won Paraolympic Gold after losing both legs

University of Chicago Medicine

University of Chicago Medicine newsletter

Medicine on the Midway: Where are they now?

Building houses, flying airplanes, writing books – and more. A dozen Pritzker School of Medicine alumni talk about their post-retirement pursuits in this  publication for friends, alumni and faculty of the University of Chicago Medicine, the University of Chicago Division of Biological Sciences and the Pritzker School of Medicine.

National Geographic

Education Resource Library

Contributed to National Geographic's Webby-award winning Education Resource Library

National Geographic Education Resource Library logo
UC Santa Cruz photo of California forest

UC Santa Cruz

Seeing the forest

With the emerging new normal of California’s climate-change-fueled, supercharged drought and wildfire seasons, drones offer an unparalleled tool to facilitate field research aimed at assessing and informing measures to mitigate the resulting environmental effects.

Stanford Medicine

Scope 10K Articles

Author page for my entries on Stanford Medicine’s Scope blog, featuring original health and biomedical news, profiles and more. 

Surgeons operating photo that appeared in Scope 10K Article
Ari Soglin  Digital Communications Strategist

I observed Genevieve in several roles at Patch. As an editor, she showed a willingness and ability to adapt as organizational priorities shifted. Her strengths included reporting, use of social media and data visualization. When she became a manager, she faced many challenges with changes in personnel and strategy. She handled those situations with poise and sought guidance from her supervisors when she needed it.

Ari Soglin

Digital Communications Strategist

Photo of a tree and a lake
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