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Genevieve Bookwalter, freelance science writer

Genevieve Bookwalter

Science, environment and medical writer

Clear, professional writing on deadline

If you’ve found me you’re probably looking for a content writer or journalist who can communicate complicated topics in a way that most people can understand.


You need a writer who will conduct tasteful and meaningful interviews with the people involved in your story, adding the dimension and voices the article needs. And of course, you need it all done on deadline. These are my specialties, and I’ve been doing them successfully for years. 

I am a science, medical and environment freelance writer and former Chicago Tribune reporter who distills complicated topics into everyday language your readers will understand. I confidently provide gripping, detailed and accurate information, and illustrate how those involved were, and continue to be, affected. 

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About me

I’m an award-winning journalist, content writer and editor who works with leading publications and institutions and specializes in science and medicine writing. I previously worked as a staff writer for the Chicago Tribune, Santa Cruz Sentinel and Patch, and my work has appeared in places like the Washington Post, California Health Report, WIRED and National Geographic News.

Genevieve Bookwalter, freelance journalist

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